The fire department said a gas leak caused an explosion at Southeast Houston House

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – A large fire triggered a gas leak inside a southeast Houston home, causing an explosion Sunday morning, according to the Houston Fire Department.

It happened on Dolton Drive around 10 am

Authorities said a person called CenterPoint to report a gas leak.

About an hour later, he said the explosion occurred, closing the house to its foundations in the air. The fire later broke out, leaving only piles of houses.

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The HFD said the homeowner whose house was on fire was able to move out before the explosion, and no other injuries were reported.

“This is a very fortunate scenario where no one was injured,” said HFD assistant chief Mike Mir. “When you have an explosion, the pressure waves travel normally and are only blocked by adjacent houses. It’s amazing that the destruction was limited to one house.”

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He also said that the fire spread to a nearby house and a car parked nearby.

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The explosion broke the windows of surrounding houses and caused other minor destruction. Maier said the victim who had lost her home is in contact with the American Red Cross for help.

Center staff were also able to come out to prevent leaks. He said the leak occurred through a two-inch pipeline, and he had to work slowly to close it.

“If you smell gas, go out,” he said of future emergencies. “Do not turn on any light switch. Do not flick on any flashlight.”

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