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The Final Fantasy 14 update reintroduces iconic FF6 villains

The popularity and quality of Final Fantasy XIV has grown significantly since the launch of the expansion Stormblood last year, and now the developer Square Enix has detailed the latest role update online. Nicknamed Rise of a New Sun the new 4.2 update will be released on January 30 and will include a lot of new content for players to explore. But what fans of the series are most excited about is the mockery of an iconic villain of Final Fantasy VI making a return.

Square Enix has released an advance highlighting some of the new content and changes included in Rise of a New Sun but it is the end that throws a nostalgia bomb. The clip closes with the smiley face and distinctive laughter of Kefka, the antagonist of FF6 that was first launched on the SNES. The lunatic wizard is one of the most infamous villains in the series Final Fantasy and one that veteran players are eager to see again.

FF14 has been using nostalgia to great effect lately, with the previous update 4.1 takes the players back to the world of Ivalice, the scenario for FF12 and Tactics ] With the 4.2 update, it seems that Square Enix is ​​focusing on FF6 : the boss of the Ghost Train dungeon of the previous game appears in the new trailer, and Kefka is expected to be the final boss of Stormblood new incursion, Omega: Sigmascape.

Along with Kefka and band, Rise of a New Sun & # 39; s other new features will include side quests, an updated hard version of The Fractal Continuum, a new test players will face against Byakko, one of the Four Lords, and changes in the rules of housing and PvP. The 4.2 update will be released on January 30 for the PS4 and PC versions of FF14 .

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