The fight for the White House falls in just a few states

Dozens of angry Trump supporters stormed the counting centers in Detroit and Phoenix as the returns in two major states went against them on Wednesday, while thousands of anti-Trump protesters marched in streets across cities across the U.S. demanding full ballot Carried on.

“Stop counting!” Trump supporters chant in Detroit. “Stop the theft!” “He said in Phoenix. Without protests the president insisted that there were major problems with voting and counting, and since Republicans sued the election in various states.

Phoenix protesters filled the parking lot at the Maricopa County Election Center, and members of the crowd chanted, “Fox News Sucks!” Angry at the network declaring Joe Biden the winner in Arizona.

Trump supporters gather at the Maricopa County Election Department’s office in Phoenix, Arizona on November 4, 2020 to protest the election results.

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Repo. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican and Trump supporter, joined the crowd, declaring: “We’re not going to steal this election. Period.” However, observers from both major political parties were inside the election center as ballots were processed and counted, and the process was online at all times.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters marched from New York City to Seattle to demand that every vote be prolonged.

In Portland, Oregon, Governor Kate Brown called out the National Guard as protesters, which officials said was widespread violence in the city, including breaking windows. Protesters in Portland were protesting over a range of issues, including police brutality and counting of votes.

In New York, hundreds of people marched on board a luxury on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and in Chicago, protesters marched through downtown and through a road across the river from Trump Tower.

Similar protests – sometimes about elections, sometimes about racial inequality – occurred in at least half a dozen cities, including Los Angeles, Houston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and San Diego.


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