The fifth ‘experiment’ video uses the iPhone 12 Pro camera to show ‘Dark Universe’

Apple has released new videos featuring the low-light and Dolby vision capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro, including “Experiment V: Dark Universe” that takes viewers on a light-hearted visual journey.

The fifth, fifth installment in its “Experiments” series of videos focuses on Apple’s changes to the camera system in the “Dark Universe” iPhone 12 Pro. Shot by James Thornton of Dunthun June and Inkite, the brief 1 minute and 51 second long video takes advantage of the iPhone’s ability to create abstract films, to shoot in very dark conditions and to record HDR videos.

“We wanted to push the iPhone 12 Pro to the limits with its Dolby Vision and low-light recording capabilities,” a quote accompanying the video reads.

Shot in a portrait orientation instead of the usual scenario, the video shines in motion from close-up shots of plasma balls and tubes, clay-like material moving around, ferrofluids, ink plugs in water, silks in motion, and others Element, with the overall concept of seeming like other-worldly phenomena.

Overall, the video takes advantage of the black background and color themes, although not all are brightly colored. Some elements are equally dark, relying on the camera’s abilities to take fine details and darker colors.

Like other videos in the series, a behind-the-scenes video is also provided, which shows how Insight shot some scenes. While the team relied on traditional filming techniques for some scenes, in some cases some unusual equipment was required.

For one shot, an iPhone was placed in danger on a sheet covered with debris above a piston, and was used to film flying material. However, to take an additional shot of the camera to zoom in, the team also dropped the iPhone, and relied on its optical image stabilization system to stabilize the camera during freefall.

Previous “experiments” videos used the iPhone 11 Pro for the film “Fire and Ice”. The third experiment focused on water, the second employed a bullet-time rig and 32 iPhone XR cameras, and demonstrated for the first time the time-lapse and slow-motion capabilities of the iPhone XS.


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