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The fast pair of Google is becoming smarter in Android phones

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Fast Pair on Android devices was a welcome addition, as it allowed users to connect to their Bluetooth headsets and speakers without problems. The feature first became the mainstream on the iPhone when Apple introduced the ability to seamlessly connect to wireless devices like the AirPods with a few touches. And, of course, it slowly made its way to Android devices.

Google is updating Fast Pair with a new feature: synchronization on all your devices. The feature will now synchronize all the necessary information for connected Bluetooth devices on all your Android 6.0+ devices through your Google account, so it will be much easier and faster to connect to different devices when you have more than one phone or tablet, for example.

The feature will also open the way to Chromebooks in 2019, Google announced in a blog post today.

Although Fast Pair has not been widely adopted by many of the major headset manufacturers, Google says the company is working closely with companies such as Bose, Anker, Jaybird and others to introduce new products that are supported by Fast Pair.

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