The fanatic who caught the historical Pujols ball explains why he kept it [VIDEO]

DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) – When Albert Pujols threw a third inning, a solo homer in the left field, an unsuspecting Tigers fan finished with a piece of history.

His homer made him the third player in MLB history to officially reach 2,000 RBIs. Babe Ruth was credited with 1,992 RBIs, but he played several seasons before the league began to record the RBI as an official statistic in 1920.

Eli Hydes, sitting behind the bullpen, caught the historic ball, but says he did not even realize its meaning until he was contacted by the Angels' staff, who asked for the ball to be returned to Pujols as a souvenir.

Hydes says officials offered him memories of Pujols, but they refused, especially when officials returned several times, which rubbed him incorrectly.

"I did not want anything for that, I'm not looking for money, I'm a baseball fan and I'd prefer to give it to my son," Hydes told WWJ. "But they kept coming back and offering me more and more memories of Albert Pujols and then the Tigers got involved and they said, 'Oh, we'll give you things too (Miguel Cabrera)'." That's great, but Why are you treating me like a piece of shit? "

Hydes awaits the birth of his son next week and wants to give him a special memory.

"I'm in law school, I'm going to be a lawyer soon, I'll make money, I'm not desperate for anything, I said no, in principle because you treated me so badly," Hydes said.

Pujols, meanwhile, is fine that the fan would like to keep the ball.

"I think they gave him some difficulty and I told the guys, you know what, just leave it, just let him have it." I think he can have a great piece of history with him, when he looks at it, You can remind yourself of this game, "said Pujols." I do not fight for that. I think we also play this game for the fans and if they want to keep it, I think they have the right to do so. I just hope he can enjoy it. "

When asked if he would pay Hydes for the ball, Pujols said he "will not pay a dime for that."

"He can have it, I do not play this game, so I can pay the fans, he can have that part of the story, it's because of the fans we play, I really do not have any problems and he has the right to keep it," Pujols said. to journalists.

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