The family started the American Airlines flight after passengers complained of body odor

MIAMI, Fla. –

A Detroit family claims they were expelled from an American Airlines flight after pbadengers complained of their body odor.

"We do not have body odor," Yossi Adler told WPLG. "There's nothing wrong with us."

Yossi, his wife Jennie and their baby were finishing their vacation in Miami and returning to their home in Detroit on Wednesday night when they were escorted from the flight.

"Suddenly, as soon as they pulled us out, they closed the door and then said:" Sorry, sir, some people complained that you had body odor and we will not let you go back, "Yossi said.

The video of the cell phone taken by Yossi shows him talking to the airline staff after being fired from the plane.

"They said they were taking our things and they were lying," Yossi said.

The family said they were told they would take their luggage out of the plane, but that did not happen, leaving them alone with their clothes on their backs.

American Airlines sent a statement to WPLG on Wednesday night saying: "Mr. Adler and his wife were taken off the flight when several pbadengers complained of the smell of their body, were lodged in a hotel for the night and were handed over food vouchers on a flight on Thursday. "

"We stopped several people at the airport and it's embarrbading, but we asked them" Do you think we smell because we just said goodbye to a plane to smell? "People told us we did not smell," Jennie said.

Yossi said he is frustrated and wants to know the real reason why they were forced to abandon the plane.

Later, the family sent WPLG a text message confirming that they were able to return to Detroit.

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