The faithful dog waits outside the hospital for six days for its owner

When Kemal Senthark was transferred by ambulance to the Medical Park Hospital in Tembon on January 14, his dog, Bonkuk, fled his apartment and took him to the facility where he waited patiently.

Hospital staff informed Sentin’s family about his dog friend’s whereabouts.

But after bringing Bonkuk back home, SHe managed to escape again – and returned to the hospital every day, Murat Erkan, director of the hospital’s international patient center, told CNN.

The hospital said Centark’s apartment was nearby, and the family was not sure how the dogs survived.

“His dog ‘Bonkuk’ followed him to the hospital gate and refused to be discharged for six days,” Erken said in a statement.

Bonkuk, pictured here with owner Kemal Centurak, waited outside the hospital for six days.

“Even if the family [took] Bonkook back home She managed to escape every day to wait at the hospital gate. “

To reassure him and try to comfort him, Santoor communicates with Bonkuk through the window while he is at the facility.

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But his devoted four-legged friend refused to leave him until Santoor left.

During his part, the dog won the affection of the hospital staff, who fed and cared for him, Erken said.

“Semal Centark has been with Bonkuk for nine years and he also said he missed her a lot during her stay in the hospital,” she said.

“When he was cleared to go out, he met his dog at the hospital gate. Bonkuk has behaved really sweetly over the course of six days and has managed to capture the love and affection of the entire staff. “


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