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The Patriots are converting Jimmy Garoppolo's trade into a lot of talents.

New England exchanged Garoppolo with San Francisco during the 2017 season for the second-round selection of the 49ers in 2018. That selection turned out to be the 43rd pick in the 2018 NFL draft. But the Patriots did not use it. Instead, they swapped it for two selections, then exchanged those two selections for more selections, and continued to make more exchanges until they recruited six players with selections that came completely or in part from the second round of the 49ers. And they are not finished yet.

As noted by, the movements of the Patriots after the Garoppolo exchange have been extraordinary:

Last year they traded the 49ers selection to the Lions for the general selection number 51 and 117.

They changed the No. 51 selection to the Bears for the 105th pick, plus the Bears second-round pick in 2019.

They changed the 105th overall selection to Cleveland for the 114th and 178th overall election.

They traded the 114th overall selection to Detroit for the third-round selection of the Lions in 2019.

With the number 178, they selected Christian Sam.

With the 117th overall election, they went from their second round selection to Duke Johnson.

With the second round of 2019 they got from the Bears, the Patriots combined it with another team to move up this year and choose Joejuan Williams.

With the third-round selection of 2019 that they got from the Lions, the Patriots made another exchange with the Bears, this time getting the 87th and 162nd overall selection, as well as the Bears' fourth round selection for 2020.

They used Damien Harris' 87th pick and bagged the 162nd pick with a third-round pick to get two more picks that they used on Yodny Cajuste and Jarrett Stidham.

So the Patriots got Christian Sam and Damien Harris out of the Garoppolo trade, plus the national teams that were partially responsible for the exchanges they gave to Duke Johnson, Joejuan Williams, Yodny Cajuste and Jarrett Stidham, and they still have the fourth round pick. of the Bears for 2020. That is a great return for the Patriots.

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