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The essential phone is now under $ 400, and that's a big problem

With its minimalist bevels and elegant design, Essential Phone still looks futuristic, but that does not mean you should spend a fortune on it. The Android smartphone was launched, without fanfare, in August last year, with a not inconsiderable price of $ 699. Now, it is much cheaper.

Amazon currently has the Essential Phone PH-1 in a promotion, for $ 399.99 unlocked. It's one of the cheapest prices we've seen for Andy Rubin's smartphone, and we do not expect it to last long. Currently, the Pure White and Black Moon versions have that price.

Both use the titanium and ceramic construction of Essential, and have a double 13 megapixel camera on the back. It will record 4K video, too. Inside, there is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset. Essential recently released an update to Android 8.1 Oreo, making the PH-1 one of the first devices to get the latest version of the operating system outside of Google's own Pixel range.

Like most smartphones, the essential phone is not perfect. However, the faults there are certainly pale when you consider that you are getting it for less than half the price of a Galaxy S9 + or iPhone X. Its minimal bevels make it one of the big surprise factors: Essential was notching screen much earlier Apple did, which helped maintain the overall size of the device.

The result is a 5.71-inch Quad HD screen, but it was squeezed into a scale smartphone for one-handed use. Essentially, it also leaves Android alone, so there is no bloatware or unwanted operator applications. There is also 128 GB of storage on board.

The other great boast of The Essential Phone is its modular expansion system, Click Connector. The new accessories can be attached, magnetically, to the back of the phone, adding new features. The first of these accessories is the Essential 360 Degree camera, although the phone manufacturer says it will not be the last, and also has a discount, up to $ 67.89.

The benefit to Click Connector, says Essential, is that accessories released for future devices should also be compatible with Essential Phone PH-1. The company is also promoting third-party peripherals, so we expect the additional ecosystem to expand over time.

There's more to the essential phone in our full review. Amazon has not said how long it will be running the $ 399.99 promotion, although based on the previous behavior, we recommend that you click the Add to cart button sooner rather than later before the deal ends.

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