The eruption of the volcano closes the Bali airport, leaving tens of thousands of tourists stranded


Tens of thousands of travelers were stranded in Bali on Monday when a volcano threw gray ash nearly 10,000 feet into the air, canceling hundreds of flights and closing the island's airport.

The last major eruption of Mount Agung occurred in 1963, when it killed some 1,100 people.

Among the approximately 59,000 tourists who had been trapped in the main tourist destination in Indonesia was Derek Du Chesne, a California actor who had been invited to a birthday celebration trip for a new bride.

Du Chesne was supposed to fly on Sunday night, he said in an interview, but when the couple arrived at Bali's Denpasar International Airport at 10 pm, "it was like an asylum."

Outside, there was a crowd of "drivers who hunt pbadengers," he said, while inside there were more people than he had seen at an airport. Some of them were crying.

Du Chesne's flight was rescheduled for Monday afternoon, but when he and his girlfriend came back it was so chaotic.

"It was crazy," he told NBC News over the phone. "Everyone was upset because nobody could get out of there."

The first thing I expected to return to Los Angeles was Friday, although he thought that was unlikely.

"The last time this happened, like [were] weeks before people could get out of here," he said. "I'm trying not to go crazy"

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Another traveler, Pamela Bey, was supposed to return to the United States on Tuesday morning, where she works in technology and real estate. The city in which he was staying, Ubud, was approximately 30 miles from the volcano and the eruption did not affect it for the most part. Your airline, Air Asia, never sent a cancellation notice, so you only found out about the mbadive cancellations after talking with friends at home.

"My friends in the US said:" Are you okay? ", Said Bey. "I thought:" What are you talking about? Am I okay? "And then I received an email from Air Asia saying:," Time to register "#

Erin Burns, of Orland Park, Illinois, had gone to Bali for a wedding. His return flight on Monday afternoon was canceled, he said, so he received a discount at the resort where he was staying.

"Some are making the most of it, but you can say that we all really want to get home, or at least have an idea of ​​when we can go," he said.

  Image: Mount Agung erupting

Mount Agung on Sunday.