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The Epic Games store has changed its refund policy to match that of Steam

The Epic Games Store has announced a change in its refund policy. The director of editorial strategy of Epic Games, Sergey Galyonkin, revealed the change in Twitter, writing that people can reimburse a game provided it is "within 14 days of the purchase and less than 2 hours played". Now you will also receive unlimited refunds through Epic, which will give the game store the same policy as Steam.

According to Variety, to reimburse a game in Epic, you had to send a ticket. From there, you would get a verification request in which you would have to complete several information fields, including your public IP address, the date your Epic Games account was created, an identification of the invoice, its location, the display name from your account, the last four numbers of the debit or credit card connected to your account and the date of your last login. Only then your ticket will be reviewed.

Now, whenever you ask within the guidelines of 14 days and two hours played, you only need to send a ticket through the player's support to get the refund. "The team is working on the self-service solution, but for now, it will have to go through the support of the players," Galyonkin said.

In recent months, Epic has been making moves to undermine its biggest PC gaming competitor, Steam. When Epic announced its new store, the company offered game developers a better offer than they would get on Steam by taking less of the profits and promising to help creators who used Unreal Engine. Epic has also achieved several exclusives, such as Hades and the PC version of Journey, and has even taken the PC version of the games that will be released on Steam, as the second half of The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Division 2 .

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