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The EPA confirms the existence of emails about wage increases, but insists that there is no evidence that Pruitt knew them

However, an EPA spokeswoman said there was no evidence in the emails that Pruitt knew about the wage increases

The Atlantic reported last Monday that Pruitt requested salary increases for "two of its closest advisers" , in March, one requests that the White House reject, according to a source with knowledge of the discussion. Then, the EPA used a dark provision to give the staff members, Sarah Greenwalt and Millan Hupp, the increases.
The EPA spokeswoman confirmed to CNN an email exchange, also first reported by The Atlantic, between Greenwalt and the EPA's human resources department. He previously worked with Pruitt in the Oklahoma Attorney General's office.

In one of the emails, EPA's human resources department tells Greenwalt that he processed his title change. When Greenwalt asks what his salary increase was, the department told him he had not increased his salary. Greenwalt replied that the administrator indicated that he should have one, referring to a salary increase.

"There is no way to prove what he said is true, many people say that the administrator said this or that," said the EPA spokeswoman, who contacted CNN to explain the emails.

The spokeswoman confirmed that she saw the emails and confirmed the content of the emails. No specific amount in dollars was mentioned for the increase in the email exchange, according to the spokesperson.

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"While she can claim that the administrator knows about her increase, there is no email evidence she has seen, or communications or documents from Scott, Pruitt to HR or (Greenwalt) about that particular increase," he said. the spokesperson.

On Monday, EPA Chief of Staff Ryan Jackson said in a statement to The Atlantic that he was responsible for the increases and that Pruitt "had zero knowledge of the amount of the increases, nor the process by which they occurred. "

The EPA spokeswoman confirmed the existence of a second e-mail link between the White House and the EPA to the agency's human resources department expressing concerns of the White House about such significant increases, but noting that the administrator had I indicated to go ahead with that.

In an effort to explain that email, the spokeswoman said that despite the content of the second email, what that person really meant was "the announcement" Pruitt "has received more and more criticism in recent weeks to as the reports reveal extensive travel expense and other potentially important ethical failures, including an agreement to rent a minister's office, "not the administrator itself." room in Washington for only $ 50 a night from a lobbyist couple firm lobbies the EPA.

President Donald Trump said last Thursday that he still had confidence in Pruitt.

Clare Foran of CNN contributed to this report.


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