The endless frozen short film that plays before Coco has scared moviegoers



From Walt Disney Pictures / Everett Collection.

In the modern age, it's a relief when a big-budget movie hits less than two hours. The blockbusters have become so bloated that going to the theater can take almost three hours of time, as shown by the blockbuster films of the year: Beauty and the Beast are 129 minutes, Wonder Woman is 141 minutes, and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is 136 minutes. Considering how expensive the tickets have become, it is only fair that the studios want to give people the value of their money. . . although culture does not necessarily accept that making movies any longer is the answer to this problem.

That's why it's so surprising when a studio like Disney breaks this rule for a high-profile movie like Coco. The critically acclaimed animated feature is less than two hours, a bit long for an animated film for children, maybe, but it's still a welcome relief. But the fans who go to the theater to see the movie during Thanksgiving weekend learned only after sitting down they would have to sit down Olaf & # 39; s Frozen Adventure, a mini sequel Frozen about Josh Gad & # 39; s snowman character. While extravagant shorts are a traditional part of Pixar's theatrical experience, Olaf is a discordant departure. Why? Because it's 21 minutes long. Twenty-one minutes! It's the same length as a network comedy, less commercial! It's not a short, it's a long !

The short film has met with complaints from people who went to see Coco during Thanksgiving holidays. Many complained about its "mediocre" quality and absurd length, while others pointed out that a Disney movie had nothing to make its way into the clbadic territory of Pixar. A viewer also claimed that Disney had removed the short completely from the projections in Mexico due to the vocal dislike for it. (The representatives of Disney have not confirmed this claim.) Coco is set in Mexico and follows the adventure of a child in the Land of the Dead.

Historically, Pixar pants have existed since 1984, and generally range from four to seven minutes. They reached a critical benchmark in 1989, when the five-minute short Tin Toy of the young studio picked up the Academy Award for best animated short. Pixar has won the award three times since then, for short films Geri & # 39; s Game, For Birds, and Piper. And guess what? None of these productions lasts more than six minutes.

The traditional short is now an expected part of Pixar's overall experience, one that has stood the test of time. Piper, released last year, joined the theatrical premiere of Finding Dory and was an instant hit with critics; V.F. he even declared it the best Pixar short film in years.

Regarding Olaf & # 39; s Frozen Adventure : it is worth noting, of course, that Frozen was a very successful Academy Award winning film, and children (So ​​that we do not forget, the main audience of Coco ) will be happy to take a look at the new story of Olaf. However, its length could test the patience of any viewer, especially one with the infamously short attention span of a child. As proof, look no further than this fulminating badessment of a real child, succinctly expressing your displeasure in four simple words:

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