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The employee of Dairy Queen who made a viral cake of marijuana & # 39; She said she was fired on her birthday because of the confusion

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  • Cassandra Walker, the employee of the Dairy Queen who made a viral cake with the theme of "marijuana", said she was fired on her birthday because of the confusion.

  • INSIDER previously reported on the Georgia woman who ordered a "Moana" birthday cake, but who was heard by a Dairy Queen employee, who thought she had said "marijuana."

  • Walker said his manager did not hear the order and told him it was okay to make a marijuana-themed cake.

  • The official Milledgeville Dairy Queen statement characterized the birthday cake mix as "a simple misunderstanding from the beginning."

  • A representative of Dairy Queen confirmed to INSIDER that Walker was fired, but later they offered him his job, which she rejected.

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The Dairy Queen employee who made a viral marijuana themed cake said she was fired on her birthday because of the confusion.

Cassandra Walker, the Georgia woman who made the cake, told USA Today that it was her manager who misheard a customer's order of a cake over the phone, confusing "Moana" with "marijuana."

The ice cream cake, which read "Happy birthday number 25 Kensli", was decorated with green and white frosting and had a large cannabis leaf. Next to him was a character from "My Little Pony" with fuzzy red eyes smoking what appeared to be a joint.


Kensli Taylor Davis

Walker said his manager told him it was okay to make the cake with the theme of marijuana.

"The manager supported me while taking the images from the internet," said the mother of two to USA Today. "She passed while decorating the cake, while she fit the cake, she was the one who walked it to the front."

Walker said Dairy Queen fired her because of the mistake on July 8, her birthday. A Dairy Queen representative confirmed with INSIDER that she was fired and that the company later offered Walker her job, which she rejected.

Walker said he turned down the offer because he was not satisfied with the way Dairy Queen handled the situation.

"Being in this job for almost a year and not having a report, not being in trouble and letting it go by mistake, is not funny for me," he told USA Today.

The recipient of the marijuana-themed birthday cake was Kensli Taylor Davis, 25, of Milledgeville, Georgia.

Davis is a big fan of "Moana," a popular Disney 2016 animated movie about a Polynesian princess. For her 25th birthday, Davis's mother decided to buy her daughter a cake based on the movie.

Screenshot 2019 07 11 at 10.53.16 AM
Screenshot 2019 07 11 at 10.53.16 AM

Walt Disney Pictures

"Then, my mom called me and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana (because I really do)," Davis wrote in a Facebook post. "It goes without saying that these people thought she said marijuana."

"My sister picked it up and took care of my mom the moment she saw it," Davis told INSIDER. "We all died of laughter because obviously it was an honest mistake."

Davis did not believe that the cake was going to be viral and said that the response from social media "surprised her". The Facebook publication, which shows an image of the cake, has more than 14,000 shares and 14,000 reactions.


Kensli Taylor Davis

"I was sharing with my Facebook friends how funny the confusion was and just left it," Davis explained. "I'm only 25 years old and I love Disney films, which have just found the good in a bad situation."

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While many social media users found the confusion with humor, Walker said he does not share his feeling.

"This is the time back to school," Walker told USA TODAY. "I have two little girls here, I have a car that needs repair, it's not funny for me."

Walker said Al Autry, one of the owners of Milledgeville Dairy Queen, told INSIDER that he had fired. that the confusion was a "simple misunderstanding".

"Our cake decorator designed a cake based on what she thought she heard from the customer," Autry wrote in an email to INSIDER.

"When the client took it and said it was not what she had asked for, we immediately apologized for the mistake and offered to redesign it the way it originally intended," Autry continued. "The customer said he was fine, he paid for the cake and left."

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