The editorial board of the leading Texas newspaper warned that Trump is losing support due to the epidemic

The editorial board of the Houston Chronicle warns that President TrumpDonald John TrumpGarners approval ratings decline as Mount Gohmert in COVID-19 cases says he will take hydroxychloroquine as Governor of Virginia in COVID-19 treatment, Senator requests CDC assistance with coronary virus outbreak at immigrant detention facility We do. The Lone Star is losing support in the state due to its response to the coronavirus epidemic.

The board targeted Trump’s reaction to the epidemic in an editorial published on Wednesday, the same day Trump visited Midland, and said the outbreak in Texas has “only gotten worse” since the president visited the state in June.

“No one is as resilient as a Texan when it comes to dealing with disasters and combating a booming economy, but suddenly there is a stir, but we suffer from mindless and inconsistent leadership. Instead, we got cheerleading on reopening businesses, slow test results and a careless contact-tracing program, ”the board wrote.

“It was a disappointing failure. How do we know? “The editorial continued.” When you came back to Dallas on June 11, there was a stampede to reopen for business in Texas. The government opposed Greg Abbott’s aggressive plans and your administration’s false assurances that the outbreak was’ under control. “

The editorial board noted that at the time of Trump’s last visit, there were more than 2 million coronoviruses and 114,000 deaths in the US, while 85,000 cases and 2,000 deaths occurred in Texas. With more than 4 million cases and over 150,000 deaths in the US, the number has increased drastically. The country’s COVID-19 related lethality is roughly the population of Midland, the editorial board noted.

Texas reported more than 400,000 coronovirus cases and more than 6,190 deaths by Tuesday.

“You can’t take Texas for this time,” the board wrote. “We know you don’t hold much stock in free elections, Mr. President, but there is a general consensus that the Texans are losing confidence that you are the person to drive the country out of the valley that you and your administration have Has helped in digging. ” “

The editorial cites a Morning Consulting poll showing the Democratic Democratic presidential nominee on Monday Joe BidenThe GOP’s Obama investigation report that slips in front of BidenTimline chairman’s eyes to make TikTok code public because it’s against ‘misinformation’ House Intel panel expands access to foreign disinfection evidence for Texas’ leading newspaper The Editorial Board has warned that Trump is losing support due to the epidemic Trump leads 47 percent to 45 percent in Texas. Other recent polls have also shown Trump and Biden’s neck and neck in the state that Trump scored just 9 points in 2016.


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