The Eagles tried to trade Zach Ertz before the injury, yet bought Alshon Jeffery per report

The Philadelphia Eagles and Zach Ertz were in deadlock in contract negotiations, and Philadelphia appeared ready to move on from its single-season all-time reception leader. Per Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breyer, the Eagles called on Ertz, taking him to injured reserve with an ankle injury that sidelined him for four-six weeks.

Philadelphia named Ertz as a minor injury when he was placed on the IR, meaning that Ertz could not be dealt with – but Breyer reported that the Eagles delayed keeping Ertz on injured reserve for a few days. That raised some eyebrows around the league. Another player in the Eagles’ trade block is Alshon Jeffrey, who the front office has tried to deal with on several occasions during the past calendar year. Jeffrey has yet to play a game this season as he is still recovering from Lisfran’s injury since last December.

Ertz struggled on the field for the Eagles before his injury, averaging a career-low 7.4 yards with just one touchdown in six matches. He averaged just 475 yards – which would be his lowest total since his rookie season in 2013. Ertz took 48 catches for 48 yards in his last three games before the injury.

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Jeffrey has been essentially replaced in the Eagles lineup by Travis Fulgham, who has emerged as the best wide receiver on the team since being called up from the practice squad at the Week. Fulgham’s 284 ranks fifth in the rankings higher than the previous three ranked second in the NFL and his three receiving touchdown leagues. Jeffrey has a cap number of $ 18,486,500 in the final year of his contract – 2021, but the Eagles can save $ 7,977,000 in cap space by releasing him (per over cap).

Ertz has a cap number of $ 12,471,500 in the final year of his contract – 2021 – but this demand has been increasing since George Offel and Travis Kelsey gave extensions to this offseason. Ertz has been frustrated over the conversation as the Eagles want to cross the roster (Ertz will turn 30 later this year) and there is no place for a player to hold the winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl LII.

Despite all the Ertz given to the Eagles, his career is heading toward an end on the other team – a reality preparing to face Ertz.

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