The Eagles restructured on a contract with Jason Peters after a left-handed move

A few days after Jason Peters took a step to deal with harmony, the Eagles rewarded him. At least the timeline we were presenting.

The Eagles and their 38-year-old left tackle agreed to a restructuring contract on Thursday morning.

The new deal is up to $ 8 million with a $ 4 million guarantee and according to Vincent Taylor of Elite Loyalty Sports, he signed the contract prior to the contract. Peters also receives a signing bonus of $ 2 million.

This seems like a very clear compromise.

The Eagles signed Peters to play right guard after Brandon Brooks left with a torn Achilles. The contract was a one-year, $ 3 million deal and could potentially be worth $ 6 million if it kills some pie-in-the-sky incentives.

When Andre Dillard was defeated for the season with torn biceps, the Eagles placed Matt Prior in the left tackle and eagerly placed the left guard in the right guard. This is why the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Peters needed a pay bump to return from the left tackle.

Without a contract in hand, Peters went to Doug Pederson’s office on Monday morning and told him that he was ready to return to left tackle. At least, that’s the story from the Eagles.

“I was just thrilled to death when he shared the news,” Pedersen said. “I am not going into contract material. This is not my area, but I was excited that when he shared the news that he was moving to the left and sliding to the left, I was thrilled. I mean, I could not be happier, not only for him but I think for our team. It just shows a sign of great leadership by him and hugs him and says let’s go.

Last season, Peters was on a one-year, $ 6 million deal. On this basis, the contract is between that deal and his core this season to play guard. But it has the potential to earn even more when some unknown incentive hits.

Peters is the longest-lived eagle, who came into a trade in 2009. His Hall of Fame career survived and he made seven of his nine Pro Bowls a member of the Eagles. Last year, he started 13 games and ProFootballFocus tackled him the sixth best in the NFL.

He may not be the All-Pro player he once was, but Peters still has great leftovers. And bringing him back to that position was the Eagles’ best move.

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