The dramatic end of 4 at Tampa Bay Plate stops the Dodgers in the game

ARLINGTON, Texas – The Tampa Bay Rays won one of the wildest finishes in World Series history, trailing by an 8-7 victory to capitalize on a devastating error by the Los Angeles Dodgers and tie the series at 2–2. Tied on 2.

With two outs and two strikes in the ninth inning, Brett Phillips, a rarely used outfielder, held the same spot at center for Dodgers closer Kensen Jensen, who brought the game to run.

Then things went wild.

Center fielder Chris Taylor kicked the ball, and Resse outfielder Randy Arjenaena, who made his first start, never stopped running. Taylor threw the ball to first baseman Max Muncy, who caught Will Smith. Azorzena stumbled around the third and was going 30 feet away – until Smith threw the ball and Ricoshe allowed Azorena to dive home and celebrate with a celebration that ran with glee in the outfield.

The 116th World Series entered Saturday without the signature of its signatory. It is safe to say after Game 4, it is not so now.

Race manager Kevin Cash tried to describe his feelings as he watched the final play on Plate Anwar.

“The moment the ball left Phillips’ bat, we knew we had a tie ball game and everything that happened after that was not like Randy,” Cash said. “Usually he’s just used to molest. So it kinda stuck him a little bit and stuck in between the third and the house. But Phillips, man, gives that guy a lot of credit. I don’t know the last. When the bar was found. A batting was very beautiful. He performed brilliantly against one of the best players in the game.

“Happened so fast, I didn’t know what to do. Just hug in disbelief.”

Johnson later told reporters, “You can’t kill yourself on that, giving a soft contact,” describing the Phillies victory as “another grenade single”.

“I didn’t give a hard hit – I mean, what can I do?” Janssen said. “Can’t do anything with him. I threw pitches where I wanted to. Credit to the hitters – like I said, a broken-down single, a bloop single. You can’t, you can’t. Ain’t. There is no time to hang our hat. Tomorrow is another day. ”

The emotional pendulum swung wildly in Game 4, with the Dodgers removing a pair from the same relief pitcher and putting themselves in a position for Clayton Kershaw from the same relief pitcher, the team’s fulcrum that won eight consecutive division titles but Lost in two of his own. The previous World Series attempt is to secure a title in their Game 5 start.

Rage ended that dream in classic fashion.

It seemed serious for him, as well, throughout the game with a blower lead, a blow to eight consecutive half-innings and a World Series record, thanks to the teams known for scoring.

Taylor came back in eighth place with Riddis reliever Nick Anderson after the score was tied at 6-6. A failed sacrifice and groundout later, Anderson needed to retire Corey Seeger to avoid the inning. Anderson was not the first pitcher to try and fail on this night or this postseason. Caesar led Taylor, scoring and leading the Dodgers 7-6.

It was the Dodgers’ sixth run of the night, with two outs and their 15th series.

The bullpen of Los Angeles, permeable in prior innings, attempted to go into lockdown mode on the final two. After Adam Kolarek grabbed the first two outs in the eighth, rookie Brusser Greaterroll edged out the third with his signing ceremony.

In the ninth, Jensen tried to work around a single near Kevin Kirmaier and walk up to Azurena. In a 1-2 count against the Phillies, who hit .196 in the regular season and were 0-to-2 in the playoffs this year, Jenson left a cutter above the plate that Phillips rapped in the center.

And thus ended a chaotic game lasting 4 hours, 10 minutes, the series’ first lead change and a crowd of 11,441 at the Globe Life Field.

“I’m gonna live 15 years younger,” said Ressen Brandon Lowe. “I think that kind of amounts to it. My God, I think I lost 10 years in that last play. God, if I’ve ever been part of one it’s a storybook baseball game. It’s Was crazy. ”

For the second consecutive game, Justin Turner topped the first inning, a starter Ryan Yarbrot, who pitched 3⅓ until Tampa Bay turned the game over on his bullpen. By then, the Dodgers had taken a 2–0 lead, with Seger driving the postman after breaking his record to eighth home run.

An innings later, Azorerena of the deceitful organization broke that tie, helping his posters ‘ninth and third player of the World Series gain the Dodgers’ lead. Azorena tied Pablo Sandoval with 26 for the most hits in a single postman.

Los Angeles responded with Caesar his second run of the night on a Muncy shot in the fifth. Tampa Bay copped with a monstrous Hunter Renfro home run that helped chase starter Julio Urias, who hit a 4, and started the carousel of the Dodgers relievers.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts went to the bottom of the sixth to face left-handed Lowe with right-hander Pedro Baje, and Lowe went on to destroy his third opposite-field home run of the series, Put the rays ahead 5-. 4.

The lead did not last long. Seeger singled and Turner doubled – both went 4-for-night on the night – and, after a pair of strikes and a deliberate walk to load the bases, Jock Pederson hit one with a diving glove , Transferred to Lowe’s. Make a pair It was 6-5 dodgers.

That leadership didn’t last long, either. Baez gave Kirmaier the home run without a doubt to establish Serum’s heroes still in the game, setting up the Phillies’ heroics, which set perhaps the wildest end to the World Series game.


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