The Dolphins announced that they would be inside the locker room during the national anthem, singing ‘lift every voice and sing’

The Miami Dolphins have announced that their players will stay inside their locker room for both national anthems when they take on the New England Patriots on Sunday.

The Dolphins shared their thoughts in a video posted on social media on Thursday.

“Is it authentic?” That’s the secret, ”questioned a dolphin player.

“Or is this just another symbolic victory?” The other player replied.


“Now there are two antems. Do we kneel? Are we standing ”

“If we can correct our mistakes, we won’t need two songs.”

“We don’t need another promotional parade,” another dolphin player said.

One player said, “Therefore, we will take time to play in the game.”

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Head Coach Brian Floers concluded the video with a powerful message.

“He answered all your questions before the media was surprised and guessed. We will just stay inside, ”he said.

The Dolphins will not be the only team to make a bold statement when the NFL game begins.

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Other teams in the league have already announced that they will take the necessary steps to bring awareness to social justice issues across the country. The NFL said they would have messages painted in each endzone, and teams would have the opportunity to put the names of racial injustice victims on their helmets.