The Dodgers manager complained that the pastor did not show proper “respect” to Clayton Kersh, after killing a giant homer

One of the funniest teams in the league, the upstart San Diego Padre, reigning NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers reign (too many reigns in a row). Seeing the possibility of the Dodgers being separated is exciting, and you can understand why the Padres players in particular would be jacked up.

For example, if you were a young Padres player and you scored a home run in Clayton Kershaw’s 6th inning to tie the game, you would be very right? You can give it a little extra stare, or maybe change it in your dugout? Toss a little bat? I sure as hell would. Here’s Trent Grisham:

The Padres, sufficiently pumped, to add five runs in the next inning, and beat the Dodgers, halted the NL West differential by just 1.5 games. Grisham’s homer was a big deal.

But that did not stop the Doggers’ manager Dave Roberts from crying in the most difficult way in the game.

“I don’t think people praise a homer, certainly it’s a big game, a big hit,” Roberts said after the game. “[I] Really like the player. But I felt that to be at home plate, of course, against a man like Clayton who has got the respect of all in the big leagues and what he has done in this game, I put an exception to it. Because I think there’s a certain respect that you give a man [like that] If you homer against him. “

So … you can enjoy running a big house, but if you don’t hit it with a good pitcher? What if it is just a decent pitcher? What if it is indeed an insignificant house that walks away from a terrible pitcher? It takes about two seconds to realize how clunky and stupid this thing is, and if you talk about it you look like a giant weenie.

A pitcher of Kerrush’s caliber “characters” to behave appropriately as an opponent. And if a batsman takes him to the big occasion, then so be it. He cannot control what the batsman does, and that batsman has less to come on the mound and urinate on his shoes than it is in the game. Should Grisham apologize for crushing the ball? “I am so sorry to you for doing this, sir, I know that you are a future Hall of Famer, and I should rather kiss the rings you do not need.”

Kirshv, at least, had put himself in the right place: “I’m not going to worry about his team. Let him do what he wants. ”

Keep in mind, this is the team of Dodgers who made famous about getting a ball from the sea when Madison Bumgner ate beef with Max Muncy. I mean, they turned it into a t-shirt:

This is the second time this year that the Padres’ young hitter has been caught solely for “honor” in Asin, the “old school” beef. Fernando Tatis Jr. got the ruckus – including his own manager – to swing on a 3–0 pitch and hit a stunning slam in a seven-run game.

Just keep doing your work, Padres.