The Dodgers assume Kendall Williams as part of Ross stripping trade

The Dodgers have acquired the right hand side Kendall Williams As one of the players to be named later in tomorrow’s trade Ross Stripping To Blue Jas. Williams was Toronto’s second-round pick in the 2019 draft, and the 20-year-old took an aforementioned slot bonus to start his career instead of attending Vanderbilt.

MLB Pipeline ranks Williams as the 13th best prospect in JS’s farm system, calling it “the quintessential projectable high school right-hander” with a “potentially huge upside”. The 6’6-right-hander has a fastball approaching mid-90s velocity, although his biggest asset may be his overall four-pitch arsenal rather than offering any one signature. “All can be above average or better,” Williams’ slider, Kyrball and changeups reported in Baseball America’s scouting report.

There is certainly enough potential here as to why the Dodgers would be intrested in adding a young arm to their already deep minor league talent pool, especially for a solid but non-elite pitcher like Stripping who is not even a full-time rotation. Was. Member. From Jayce’s point of view, he naturally sees a promising but long-term asset like Williams (who is not one of the upper-tier prospects in his ranching system) as a fair value for Williams, who has already shown That he can deliver can help the MLB level and win the Blue JES both in 2020 and 2021-22 before he is determined to reach free agency.

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