The DNC says the Hispanic outreach of the Biden campaign remains strong despite its contrast

The president of a Latina civil rights group reported that the Biden campaign has not reached enough for Hispanic voters, Democratic National Committee Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa said on Monday that the 2020 presidential hopeful had indeed made a tremendous effort .

“We will continue to ask for their votes and I respectfully disagree because I think we are currently doing so,” said Hinojosa.

“Can you understand [the effort], Especially in a place like Florida, where we have expanded our team, “Hinojosa said.” One thing that is important is – Leiden. [campaign] Having bought his general election, he not only invested in Spanish-language media, but also watched TV in a lot of Latino English. My parents are Latino and they are watching news shows today and like others. ”


In addition, Hinojosa said that Latino “understands” that President Trump continues to “divide the country” and has seen “pictures of children being separated from their families” on the southern border.

“Latino disagrees,” Hinojosa said.

Hinojosa pushed back on the claim of Janet Murguya, president of Latino civil rights group UnidosUS, that the Biden campaign has not reached enough for Latino.

“The campaign needs to reach Latino directly and specifically and ask for their votes … We haven’t seen enough yet,” Murua said.

In 2014, Murguia, then president of La Raza’s National Council, called President Barack Obama “depot-in-chief” during his speech at the organization’s gala. He mentioned about 2 million migrants who had been removed from the US under Obama’s watch.

Meanwhile, Biden has been outperforming among Hispanics in Florida over the past three months according to

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Hinojosa said that the Biden campaign has produced the largest Hispanic outreach team in Florida in state history. He said the Democratic Party needed to ensure that they “reach all families in English, Spanish and bilingual”.

“Kamala Harris did a virtual show in Florida last weekend where she was focusing on Latina small businesses, so we will continue to do so,” said Hinojasa.