Manchester, January 18: A DNA test performed on two mummies, believed to be siblings, has solved a mystery between brothers. The couple of mummies nicknamed & # 39; Two Bothers & # 39 ;, which is one of the popular exhibitions of the Manchester Museum, is supposedly half brothers; their DNA revealed that they have different parents.

The test was performed by scientists at the University of Manchester and they used the DNA from the teeth of the mummies to establish that they have the same mother but different parents.

"I'm sure the brothers would be very proud of us," said Dr. Konstantina Drosou of the university.

The couple dating from 1800BC are the oldest mummies of the Manchester Museum. The trivia about the relationship between the two mummies of the elite men – Khnum-nakht and Nakht-ankh discovered in 1907 were not confirmed until the results of the test were revealed.

The couple's burial site, later called The Tomb of the Two Brothers, was discovered in Deir Rifeh, a town 250 miles south of Cairo.