The Division 2 will receive more updates and announce apparently surprised developers

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Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment today confirmed that Division 2 It will receive more content this year, doubling down on statements made by Ubisoft’s CEO earlier this week during an investor call.

The current season of Division 2 It is named “End of watchAnd it concludes a story and character arc that began in the first game. That fact, along with the news of Division 2 Massive developer working on a great new Star Wars game, led many gamers to speculate that the most recent update, Title Update 12, was the last planned content update.

It turns out that those players were Right. But since then, plans have changed. Massive announced today on Twitter and Reddit that TU12 was indeed the final planned update for the game, but that the studio is now changing course. It will release more content later this year, but had no additional details to share at this time.

“Today, we are delighted to confirm that there will be additional content for Division 2 released later this year! It is your continued passion and support that allows us to continue to build on Division 2 experience, and we can’t thank them enough for that. “

News from more Division 2 The content was first vaguely announced by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot earlier this week. During a February 12 call with investors, said Massive would work with other Ubisoft studios together on the series. “You will see more in The division in this year and the following year, ”said Guillemot. Today’s announcement from Massive specifies that players can search for more Division 2 content and not a great new sequel to the looters and shooter franchise. Beyond that though, Massive’s announcement is vague and doesn’t really explain what kind of content will be added or when, beyond this year. Almost as if they didn’t know there was going to be more content either until Guillemot declared it.

I don’t expect a New York Warlords-DLC size will be released this year, but instead more seasons of content with small new missions and some new weapons added every few months. It’s not very exciting, but for fans of Division 2 at least the game is not dead.

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