The Division 2 will add a mode that is “brand new to the franchise” in 2021

Ubisoft has shared details on what to expect from The Division 2 in 2021. Plans include a new mode that, according to the development team, will be unlike anything we’ve seen in the series to date. But because Ubisoft recently decided to continue developing new content for the game, the timing of the releases will be a bit different.

Ubisoft did not share what the new mode is, but said it will be “completely new to the franchise” and that it is also working on new ways to help keep player characters fresh as they continue to play existing game content. The Season 5 content coming to the game soon will actually be a return to Season 1 content, allowing those who didn’t get certain rewards to finally get them. This is aimed at keeping gamers engaged while the development team, which now includes Ubisoft Bucharest alongside Ubisoft Massive, works on entirely new content.

That’s a lot of bullets

As part of their announcement, Ubisoft also shared some stats on the game so far. In the entire franchise, there have been 40 million players, and one agent in the game has revived others more than 27,000 times. There have also been 156 billion headshots, and one agent has managed to climb more than 36,000 floors at The Summit location.

There really hasn’t been any hint of a third full game from Ubisoft yet, but there was a three-year gap between the first and the second game. Ubisoft Massive also has many projects on its plate, including a new open-world Star Wars game and an Avatar game. Essentially no details on either title have been revealed, although we do know that FoxNext and Lightstorm will help out on the Avatar project and will use the same Snowdrop engine as The Division 2.

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