The Divine Beasts has SOS Morse code in its themes

this game!

If I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me!

Seeing that i’m in the middle of a Zelda: breast of the wild Now replaying, fresh videos and revelations pop to this day it is amazing to watch. We are coming on the fourth anniversary Wild breath More things still surprise me in early 2021. This time, for example, I actually watched Live because the map of Tarry Town was filled in: knowing what I know now. Going forward, I am also going to hear SOS signals from celestial animals.

Although it was discovered by many players back in 2017, I never really caught the fact that each celestial animal’s theme song has a “SOS” Morse code signal. It thanked my eye for a ResetEra post, which blew my mind a lot. I always thought so something There was going on with the subjects, but never put two and two together.

Like others Wild breath Fan theories, there’s a lot to unpack here. ResetEra user Jado suggests that each SOS is made aware of the urgency of each champion: as if Revley’s sign comes late as a result of his boisterous and glorious personality. All of these characters are thought to have caused Gonon’s horrific deaths from Scorges and trying to call for help makes the context more horrific.

So you are telling me that there is a SOS distress signal hidden in the music for each divine animal? [ResetEra]


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