The design of the Next Land Rover Defender will be “Polarizing” –

The design of the Next Land Rover Defender will be “Polarizing”


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The legendary Land Rover Defender can be canceled for now, but even before Land Rover disconnected, he promised that a new version would come soon. Currently, the new Defender is expected to arrive next year, a date that conveniently coincides with the 70th anniversary of the identification plate. But when Land Rover finally reveals the redesigned SUV, it probably will not look much, if anything, like the original.

Talking with Australia Motoring Gerry McGovern, head of design at Land Rover, said the new Defender will be the "backbone of the Land Rover brand," but that it will incorporate new technology to stay "relevant" . He also confirmed that it will not be as utilitarian as the original and called the new "polarizer" design. . "

" Let's face it, the previous one, in a period of 68 years, sold just over two million vehicles. If you think about the Evoque, from five to six years, more than 700,000 were sold in that period, "said McGovern Motoring ." To justify your investment, it will have to be a global vehicle. Future customers will not have preconceived ideas about it and for people to come to the brand, customers will have to buy a Defender for its merits. "

Unfortunately for fans of the original Defender, that means making a nice significant change in the rugged off-road.

"I love the fact that all these people are enthusiastic about it. I appreciate that they drive the euphoria, but if they expect to see a facsimile of the previous one with the latest technology, then I do not think they're satisfied, "said McGovern." That said, I think it's necessary to recognize Defender's great legacy in terms of its capacity, in terms of its robustness, its durability, but not necessarily its visual quality. "

Still, McGovern promised that the new Defender it would not be a reduced version of other Land Rover offers.

"Does that mean it will look like a new Discovery? Of course, it will not. It has to go through the same rigor in design, and for me, it has to be honest and true for a vehicle that we are producing today and not worry about what has gone before, "he said." For me, a retrospective approach demonstrates the lack of creativity. "

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