The deputy head of the consumer’s office questions the court’s decision to control the agency


The deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) asked a federal court on Wednesday night to stop a previous ruling he ruled President Trump Donald John TrumpThe Democratic Democrat beats Donald Trump Jr. for a serious case of amnesia – after the testimony Skier Lindsey Vonn: I do not want to represent Trump in the Olympic Games Survey: 4 out of 10 Republicans think that Trump's main advisers had improper relations with Russia MORE to appoint a temporary boss in his place.

movement by CFPB Deputy Director Leandra English is the last maneuver in the fight for control of the agency.

English filed an injunction in the District Court for the District of Columbia to block Budget Office and Director of Management Mick Mulvaney [19659006] John (Mick) Michael Mulvaney Consumers need a hero, not a pirate computer, to head the CFPB night regulation: the Federals press to clarify the rules on buffer stocks | Interior wants Trump to reduce two more monuments | Navajo Nation against the restoration of the monument | FCC will not delay net neutrality vote | The Senate panel approves a bill that facilitates the rules of Dodd-Frank Cybersecurity at night: the cost of the Mueller probe was .7 million in the first months | Senate confirms National Security nominee | The consumer agency limits the collection of data | Arrest in the Andromeda botnet research MORE to head the agency.

English's lawsuit asks the court to impose its restraining order against Mulvaney after he dismissed his effort two weeks ago.

English sued Mulvaney, whom Trump appointed to head the CFPB until the Senate confirms a permanent replacement, and the president, alleging that the Dodd-Frank Act made her the acting director.

The deputy director argues in the new submission that Mulvaney is not eligible to run the CFPB due to the line of succession established at Dodd-Frank. English also baderts that Mulvaney's appointment violates the independence of the Federal Reserve since the CFPB was created within the Fed system and Mulvaney is a senior adviser to the White House.

Dodd-Frank, who established the CFPB, requests that the deputy director serve as interim director among the permanent directors confirmed by the Senate.

The architects of the law, former Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) And former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mbad.), They said last week that they wrote the provision explicitly to prevent the president from installing a new boss, acting or permanent, without Senate approval.

The White House and the Department of Justice argued that Trump had the power to replace the Dodd-Frank line of succession through the Federal Vacancy Reform Act. That law authorizes the president to appoint any member of the administration confirmed by the Senate to be an interim head of a department or agency.

Director of CFPB Richard Cordray Richard Adams Cordray Consumers need a hero, not a pirate, will head the CFPB overnight regulation: the Federals press to clarify the rules on the stock of stop | Interior wants Trump to reduce two more monuments | Navajo Nation against the restoration of the monument | FCC will not delay net neutrality vote | Senate panel approves bill that softens Dodd-Frank's rules Midnight funding: Democratic Party delays work on funding bill amid conservative demands | Senate panel approves Fed Powell candidate | Dodd-Frank rollback advances | WH disputes report that Mueller cited Trump's bank records. More promoted the English to the badistant principal during the hours before resigning from the office. Shortly thereafter, Trump appointed Mulvaney, a staunch critic of the CFPB, to head the agency.

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