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The Department of Labor proposes changes to current tip regulations

WASHINGTON – The US Department of Labor UU He announced a new proposal on Tuesday to change the regulations for tipping.

The rule would affect states that have tip credit for employees, which means that the state requires employers to pay tips to employees full state minimum wage before tips.

Montana is one of seven states and territories that require employers to pay their employees with tips for the full state minimum wage before tips.

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The Notice of Proposed Regulation (NPRM) under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) would allow freedom of workplaces to share advice among employees who They do not receive tips. It would allow you to group tips with employees who do not normally receive direct advice, such as dishwashers or restaurant chefs.

"These employees" of the house "contribute to the overall customer experience, but they may receive less compensation than their colleagues with traditional tips." Said a press release from the Department of Labor.

The Labor Department says the proposal would reduce wage disparities between tipped and untipped employees. The proposal is currently restricted by a rule implemented in 2011.

According to the statement, legal actions have been filed that have directly challenged the Department's ability to enforce existing regulations. Some states have changed their laws to require employers to pay employees the employee's credit score. The new rule would remain with that trend.

The proposal is now open for public comment during the next 30 days. To send comments, click here.

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