The Defense Department report on Ronny Jackson describes Trump’s former doctor as a lewd drunk and a terrible colleague in every respect.

Ronny Jackson, it seems, made many, many enemies during his rise as a Navy medical officer which eventually landed him a position as physician to the President of the United States. Donald Trump, however, was not one of those many, many naysayers. Trump was so in love with Jackson, a square-jawed doctor with a nose for the political winds, that Trump tried to give Jackson a place in his cabinet in 2018, as head of the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, Jackson’s nomination finally fell apart as former colleagues and subordinates began to express how they really felt for Jackson.

What emerged was an unflattering portrait of a manic boss who was into salsa, not to mention the strange sleeping pill, all of which resulted in numerous inappropriate interactions with subordinates and co-workers. The setback was enough to trigger an investigation by the Department of Defense inspector general, who, after years of digging, confirmed a number of lurid details about Jackson, who with Trump’s backing ran for and won a congressional seat. last year representing Texas. .

IG’s report is dropping on Wednesday, but CNN got a sneak peek and reported ahead of the damning report’s release that Jackson made “‘sexual and degrading’ comments about a female subordinate, violated policy by drinking alcohol during a presidential trip, and took a prescription. medical – strong sleep medication that raised concerns from colleagues about their ability to provide adequate care. ” Jackson served during the Trump and Obama administrations and the investigation began in 2018 after his failed nomination to head the VA. “After interviewing 78 witnesses and reviewing a series of White House documents, investigators concluded that Jackson, who attained the rank of Rear Admiral, failed to treat his subordinates with dignity and respect, engaged in inappropriate conduct involving the use of of alcohol during two incidents and used sleeping medication during a trip abroad that raised concerns about his ability to provide medical care to the president and other senior officials, “CNN says of the report.

Here’s how the report characterized Jackson as a colleague and boss:

“The overwhelming majority of witnesses (56) … who worked with RDML Jackson from 2012 to 2018 told us that they personally experienced, saw or heard about him yelling, yelling, cursing or belittling his subordinates,” the report says. . “Many of these witnesses described RDML Jackson’s behavior with words and phrases such as ‘crisis’, ‘screaming’ for no reason, ‘rage’, ‘tantrums’, ‘lunges’ and ‘aggressive’. These witnesses also described RDML Jackson’s leadership style with terms such as’ tyrant ‘,’ dictator ‘,’ control freak ‘,’ hallmarks of fear and intimidation ‘,’ shitty manager ‘and’ not a leader in absolute, ‘”he adds. .

Jackson’s drunken behavior on presidential trips abroad was also questionable (via CNN):

On a presidential trip to Manila from April 22, 2014 to April 29, 2014, four witnesses who traveled with then-President Barack Obama and Jackson said Jackson got drunk and made inappropriate comments about a female medical subordinate …

A witness interviewed by the IG said that shortly after arriving in Manila, Jackson started drinking in the hotel lobby and then got into a car with a drink in hand “to go out into the city.” Another witness said he could smell the alcohol on Jackson’s breath later that night. Back at the hotel, one of the witnesses said he saw Jackson “banging” on the door of his subordinate’s room. When he opened the door, Jackson said, “I need you” and “I need you to come to my room.”

And then there was the sleeping drug Ambien (via CNN):

At least six witnesses, all of them medical personnel, also told investigators that Jackson took Ambien, a prescription drug used to treat insomnia, on long flights while on duty to provide medical care to government officials, including the president. . Witnesses said they were concerned about the Ambien because it often leaves users drowsy and can affect someone’s mental alertness.

“Three years ago I was the subject of a political coup because I supported President Trump,” Jackson said in a written statement in response to the forthcoming report. “Today, a report from the Department of Defense Inspector General has resurrected those same false accusations from my years with the Obama administration because I have refused to turn my back on President Trump.”

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