The deepest fish ever recovered for the first time


  • Dec. 4, 2017, 3:32 PM

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Scientists finally have a close look at the world's deepest fish. Several samples of the fish have been brought to the surface for study. Below is the transcript of the video.

Scientists finally have a close look at the deepest fish. The fish was found almost 5 miles underwater. It is the first time that scientists recover one to study. This tomography shows the skeleton of the fish and its lunch.

Researchers have called the fish the "Mariana Snailfish" also known as "Pseudoliparis swirei". It was found 26,200 feet below the surface, in the Mariana Trench. The pressure is 1,000 times higher than on the surface. The researchers say that the pressure there is so intense that it is "similar to an elephant standing on his thumb".

In August, Japanese researchers saw the same fish even deeper, at a depth of 26,830 feet. The scientists did not know with certainty if that life could exist at this depth. It is believed that after 26,902 feet, the cells stop functioning normally.

Scientists trapped this fish with a camera trap. They hope the samples will help them understand how something can survive such incredible pressure. One advantage of its depth is the lack of natural predators, except the occasional scientist with a trap!




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