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The death toll rises to 9 in the school stabbing attack in China

BEIJING – The death toll has risen to nine in Friday's stabbing attack outside a high school in northwest China allegedly carried out by a former student seeking revenge of being bullied The government of Mizhi County in Shaanxi Province reported that 10 other people have been hospitalized with injuries resulting from the uproar outside of High School No. 3 in the rural area that took place as the classes were discarded at night. .

Police arrested a 28-year-old suspect identified by the surname Zhao, who had been a student at the school and apparently seeking revenge for being molested, the official microblog of the Mizhi government said on Saturday.

China strictly restricts the possession of firearms, manufacturing homemade knives and explosives as the most common weapons in violent crimes.

Many schools have reinforced access point security after violence against students and family members. In 2010, about 20 children died in knife attacks outside the school gates, shedding light on the medical system's ability to diagnose and treat mental illness.

In June of last year, a 22-year-old man made the bomb that exploded at the front door of a kindergarten in eastern China, killing eight people, including himself.

After the attack on Friday, the photos on social networks Several young students lying on the ground, surrounded by shocked spectators, reports the BBC. The suspect remains in custody.

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