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The DC FILMS team is reorganized after JUSTICE LEAGUE Performance

Credit: Clay Enos (Warner Bros.)

John Berg will emerge from his role as one of the two Warner Bros. leaders. DC division of films after the bad performance at the box office and the critical reception of Justice League according to Variety . Geoff Johns, the other director of DC Films, is expected to remain in his position as Creative Director of DC Entertainment, although the operation also says that his role in Warner Bros. & # 39; the wing of the film may decrease to an "advisory" capacity.

It is said that Berg is entering a role as producer of Warner Bros., working along with The Lego Movie and It producer Roy Lee.

"This is something that Jon approached about six months ago, and expressed that his goal was ultimately to be a producer in the studio," Warner Bros. Picture Group president Toby Emmerich said in a statement. "I met Jon for the first time when, as a producer, he brought Elf to New Line, which is still one of the library's best and most perennial titles. We are delighted that Jon associates with Roy and anticipates that his company is a valuable source of films for Warner Bros. and New Line. "

It is said that Emmerich is considering re-incorporating DC Films into Warner Bros., the film's wing, and not his own division.

A new DC Films leader is expected to be appointed shortly. Neither Johns nor Berg, who received credits from Producer in Justice League will receive similar credits in upcoming films like Aquaman or Wonder Woman 2 although director Zack Snyder, who it was Justice League before Joss Whedon was taken to a new place, he could serve as a producer of future films.

In addition, Variety reports that Ben Affleck is expected to repeat his role as Batman in the next Flashpoint movie, although is said to be Batman's director Matt Reeves is looking at "cool talent" to take the role in his movie.

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