The Dark Saga of Christopher Watts, a suburban father who murdered his pregnant wife and children

IMany days, millions of people post pictures and videos of themselves, families, and friends on Facebook, sharing their routines, funny moments, triumphs, complaints, and disappointments and being in a familiar act of online disclosure and communication . Far from random, these status updates are intentionally curated by users, promoting clips and snapshots as a way to present a certain version of themselves to the world – meaning that, while it is often authentic, Maybe, a person’s social media ultimately tells us less about who they are, who they want to be, and how they want to be seen.

The same happened to Shannan and Christopher Watts, who together with their two young daughters, Bella and CeCe, lived the life of a sister-in-law in Frederick, Colorado, details of which Shannon often broadcasts via Facebook videos. Form the backbone of those brief uploads American Murder: The Family Next Door, Jenny Popwell’s Netflix documentary (now streaming) tells of the tragedy that turns into a clan on August 13, 2018, when Shannan (15 weeks pregnant) returned home from a business trip and immediately once again Not seen Nor did he have two daughters, which forced Chris to work with the police to find his missing loved ones. There were no signs of forcible entry or conflict into the house, nor any over indications that he would flee – though his wedding ring was left behind the bedroom – the initial leads were few. And the fact that a neighbor’s external video camera didn’t show anyone coming and going from Watts Home Save for Chris (when he left for work the next morning) only further complicated the question of whether happened.

Director Poppwell’s film hinges on this central mystery, but its real hook is the means by which he tells his story — that is, the material pre-shot by Shannon and shared on Facebook, the body-cam of police officers investigating Footage, surveillance and interrogation. -Room feeds, and home movies, family photos, and text messages with each other and close friends of Shannon and Chris. It is a whodunite filtered through our new non-stop digitized reality. Self-portraits portrayed by Shannon on social media are cheerful, cheerful and commonplace, which vacillates his children between entertaining scenes of him playing with his dog and Chris (in one he is seen doing push-ups with them on his back Gives.) And the camera monologue about how he met Chris, they accepted him after his first divorce, and his conflict with Lupus. As many others do, Shannan used his social media platform as a vehicle for self-definition.

Given that she disappeared without a trace – and the title of the film is American murderIt is clear that Shannon was not making his entire household picture public. Director Poppwell talks about Shannon’s social media activity, but recounts her story in a largely chronological manner with Chris as he returns home to greet Shannon’s worried friend Nicole Atkinson and the police officer Nicole calls Shannon to investigate. Based on footage from the soldier’s body camera, we witness the first discovery of the Watts residence, as well as a visit to the home of a neighbor whose external camera left Chris at work in the morning. Once Chris is out of the house, the man tells the officer about Chris, “He’s not doing the right thing at all.”

Despite the plea for TV news cameras that he does not know what has happened to his wife and daughters and he wants them back, suspicion quickly falls on Chris. A once-hefty man who transforms his body through obsessive practice, Chris comes to Shannon’s positions as a fun-loving father and husband, when he reacts with shock and joy to unexpected news That they are going to have a son. When he admits that he and Shannan had a heated conversation on his return home, he says that it was not a particularly notable quarrel, and he denies that he was having an affair with a woman (Or got in shape to attract the attention of other women.). In terms of outward appearances, he looks like a man worried about the situation in this case.

Just as social media post deceives, digital correspondence also exposes the truth, and it’s not long before Chris’s back-and-fourths with Sean and, more importantly, his exchange with friends. Providing – A marriage on the verge reveals her lack of sexual desire for him, her apparent apathy in her children, and tensions between Shannon and Chris’s parents. All of this suggests that things were coming to a head, pointing the detectives to Chris, and then subjecting him to a polygraph test to ascertain the credibility of his story. From that point on, everything unravels.

All of this suggests that things were coming to a head, pointing the detectives to Chris, and then subjecting him to a polygraph test to ascertain the credibility of his story. From that point on, everything unravels.

American murder It presents its saga in a clear and poignant manner. And in Shannon’s use of social media conduct — and, also, the fact that other online users played amateur content by pressing on content that owes a lot to Shannon’s family — it’s a constant act of performance and projection. As taps into 21st century life. This leads to the arrogance that it is difficult to move, because what it depicts appears to be typical of the stuff that zooms in on our time each morning and night, alternately engaging and exhausting us in the experiences of those people Provides windows.

Unfortunately, however, there is not much real mystery in Watts’ tragic story, as there is only one clear explanation for the whereabouts of Shannon and the children, and it has everything to do with Chris, who eventually confesses to the murders (and being the mistress). ). For all its flip-flops between instant police questioning and prior conversations between Chris and Shannon, American murder Never deeply suggest, the thorny bombings to come about because, quite frankly, there is none. One of his treasures of found footage offers a particularly voyeuristic flick of particularly you-there immediacy, which has undoubtedly attracted snoops to decide on what matters. But in the end, the conclusion to be drawn from this horrific story – that social media cannot be trusted as an authentic expression of reality; When wives and children go missing, the husband is usually blamed – lacking in surprise.


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