The Dallas Stars love America, but apparently not their neighbors

To save electricity, the boardwalk lights and screens are turned off in front of the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

To save electricity, the boardwalk lights and screens are turned off in front of the American Airlines Center in Dallas.
Picture: AP

The fact that Texas is completely handcuffed by the rare onslaught of winter in the state is a terrifying situation, and thousands of people without power or heat in freezing temperatures is a real problem. You know it. I know that. But apparently the Dallas Stars don’t seem to know, and required the Dalas mayor’s office to illustrate the point.

Do you remember the stars of episodes like trying to defend america and defend / fuck the flag when no one asked last week. This time, until an hour or two before their scheduled game with the Nashville Predators, they planned to play at the American Airlines Center with all frozen hell raging around them in the Metroplex. Residents with electricity were asked to keep what they could for fear of overwhelming the grid.

Meanwhile, here were the stars trying to light an entire arena for a hockey game. This tweet from The Athletic’s Stars composer Saad Yousuf was less than two hours before the puck pitch was supposed to be:

Then the NHL released this statement less than an hour before game time:

Apparently, the mayor of Dallas had to request that the Stars do the sensible thing and not use the power it takes to keep an arena running for this game. The AAC is on the same network as the hospitals in the area, so I would think it would be common sense with the electricity shortage not to want to risk that. But that is not the realm in which the stars live. After all, there is a hymn to play! That will show the snow!

Although you have to admit, there is something truly symbolic about the Stars running to defend the honor of an inert flag and a tradition that really serves no one but must be dragged and pushed over the line when it comes to helping the people. in your time of need. Perhaps the Stars are as American as they have told us.

Meanwhile, in places where teams could enter the ice without endangering their community, the Maple Leafs jeopardized the mental well-being of their ever-serious and reasonable fan base by ruining a four-goal lead, 5-1. to the Senators and lose in overtime. , 6-5. The Leafs had won 8 of 10 prior to this to reach first place in the NHL’s RoughRider division. But their outing before this saw them throw a third-period lead on the Canadiens, and now this loss is sure to have the guys at TSN wondering if they have to set Freddie Andersen on fire to appease the hockey gods or something. .


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