The Dakar rally now includes mid-air collisions

Teams participating in the 2021 Dakar rally apparently now have to add helicopter collisions to the list of rally threats. As if Dakar was not already dangerous.

Watch this as Kamaz gets some sweet lift after rolling at a weak speed, only to clip the skid of a low flying press chopper:

The scene unfolded in the 12th and final phase of the rally, With Yanbu-Jedda Route in Saudi Arabia. The truck you see here belongs to the Kamaz-Master team, and was operated by Anton Shibalov.

Imagine how fast Kamaz was crushing, never able to beat. This rigidity is certainly not the right combination of playing with mass and inertia. Someone needed to tell the pilot of that helicopter that he wants to honor whatever he is doing.

Despite tampering with rotary-wing aircraft, the Russian team’s No. 501 truck moved to second place in the final stages of the incident, and the second Kamaji-Master truck, No. 507, finished first. Due to which the team won, and its marks were made 18th overall win At the Dakar rally.

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Such a record is worth making all the bangs and scuffs for the winner. In fact, the damage to the truck was by no means serious, and the chopper of the chopper appears to have caused no damage to the truck cab. Although I do not think the structural integrity of the truck was ever in question.

The following question is more at this point: What happened to the helicopter? In the video, we see that Chopper quickly turns away after clipping the truck. And it does not appear that there has been sustained major damage. The truck gets more coverage in the clip than the aircraft, but we can see that the helicopter pilot learned the lesson and later hanged back a bit, pushing the Kamaz forward.

We are glad that the helicopter was not thrown in sufficient quantity to cause the accident. Things could have ended very badly. But it ended happily – if not for the helicopter, then certainly for the truck.


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