The Daily Show’s ‘Trevor Noah Unloads’ on Trump, Dr. Demon Sperm ‘Stella Emmanuel

Trevor Noah said Tuesday night, “Apparently ordinary Americans should take this epidemic more seriously.” Daily show. “But in his defense, it is difficult to do so when it is someone who is setting the tone from above.”

At the same time, Noah became the first late-night host to madly put President Donald Trump into the disturbing embrace of a plot-spreading doctor, in addition to advancing hydroxychloroquine as a cure for a magic COV. Some also suffer due to As first reported by The Daily Beast Will Wilmer.

After playing a fist Dr. Stella EmmanuelThe biggest hit, a stunned Noah said, “Yes, despite having the world’s top doctors at his disposal, Trump has decided instead to trust a doctor who believes that people get sick because they masturbate. And vaccines are made from alien DNA. ”


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