The Cowboys expect a long-term deal with Dak Prescott before March 9.

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Mike Florio recently explained in a PFT Post why the Cowboys need to complete a long-term contract with Dak Prescott before the franchise tag deadline of March 9. That’s exactly what the team hopes to do, ESPN’s Todd Archer reports.

The two-week franchise tag window opens on Tuesday, so the clock ticks towards a new deal.

Bucs catcher Chris Godwin or Bucs pass back Shaq Barrett, Lions catcher Kenny Golladay, Chargers tight end Hunter Henry and Broncos safety Justin Simmons, are among other candidates for the franchise label.

Tagging Prescott for the second year in a row would cost the Cowboys $ 37.7 million. Against an expected salary cap of between $ 180 million and $ 185 million, that will tie up a large chunk of the team cap.

According to Archer, the Prescott representation and the Cowboys have already had discussions, “if not actual negotiations.”

The parties have negotiated for almost two years without reaching an agreement, so both parties already have a good idea of ​​what the other is looking for.

If the parties cannot reach a long-term agreement by March 9, the Cowboys are expected to wear the franchise tag in Prescott. That would give them until July 15 to continue negotiating.

But the Cowboys would have to carry the $ 37.7 million tag number on their salary cap until / if they reach a long-term deal.

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