The Court of Appeal quashed the order to end the Michael Flynn case, setting new arguments

Due to Mr. Flynn’s prior ties with Russian officials, FBI agents were investigating him as part of an early stage in Russia’s election investigation and whether any of the Trump campaign aides conspired in that intervention. But the bureau had decided to close its file on Mr. Flynn after his call with the ambassador and his lies about his colleagues raised suspicion of a new cause.

The FBI decided to question Mr. Flynn about the call to see what he would say, and on January 24, 2017, as the newly installed President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Mr. Flynn provided two agents with inaccurate details about him. Says Shortly thereafter, Mr. Trump bailed him out, saying that he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the call.

Robert S. Muller III’s office, which the special counsel later appointed to lead the Trump-Russia investigation, eventually struck a deal with Mr. Flynn’s original legal team, under which he would cooperate and pleaded guilty to making a false statement Will count. Resolve your legal liability both for that interview and for failing to register as a paid foreign agent of Turkey in 2016 and then in 2017 lying about the nature of that work.

But over time, Mr. Flynn’s case began to become a political cause for Mr. Trump and his supporters. Last year, Mr. Flynn switched legal teams and stopped cooperating with the Justice Department, and this year, he sought to withdraw his guilty plea. Mr. Barr then instructed prosecutors to ask the judge to dismiss the case instead of sentencing.

Mr. Flynn’s new defense attorney, Sidney Powell, hired Mr. Barr to privately scout the case file to hire an outsider, who was used to accuse investigators and prosecutors of misconduct Could be, the same result as the 2009 dismissal of the Engineering Department. A corruption case against a senator after his sentence.

Mr. Barr did so and the department showed defense files that the FBI was aggressive when he interviewed him, unilaterally sending agents to talk to him, violating bureaucratic protocols, even though the Justice Department There were unresolved views about the leaders. To do this and whether to alert White House counsel.

Among other things, the department also revealed that the FBI had decided to call off Mr. Flynn’s investigation, as questions arose about his call and his lies about his colleagues. Since the file was still open, however, the FBI used it to interrogate him.

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