The coolest Thanksgiving Day in the record chills of the Northeast, while heavy snow cover the western United States

By Brian Lada, Meteorologist and staff writer of AccuWeather
November 22, 2018, 7:55:28 PM EST

It felt like winter in parts of the western and northeastern United States on Thanksgiving, as heavy snowfalls and penetrating winds hit the regions.

"Thanksgiving Day 2018 [brought] the coldest conditions from autumn to the northeast; that [was] slow and cold, "said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

The famous Macy's Thanksgiving Parade was the coldest recorded with temperatures in the lower 20s for most of the morning in New York City. The AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures were even lower due to the strong wind blowing in the region.

Providence, Rhode Island; Buffalo, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; and Bangor, Maine, are just a sampling of the cities that experienced the coolest Thanksgiving Day recorded with temperatures up to 30 degrees below normal.

Lower temperatures at -26F and hurricane winds can not prevent observers from badembling for a Thanksgiving dinner! * Some items (and observers) may require thawing! Brr! Happy Thanksgiving Day! #Thanksgiving #mwo #mtwashington #cold #mwob… Https://

– MWObservatory (@MWObs) November 22, 2018

The cold air paired with the hurricane winds caused the AccuWeather RealFeel® temperature to drop to less than 83 F at the top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, on Thursday morning.

For comparison, the average temperature on the surface of Mars is minus 81 F, according to NASA.

Mercury dropped to record levels at the top of the mountain with climate observers reporting The lowest temperature ever recorded on the mountain during the month of November.

(Photo: @GrowingPages)

(Photo: Sierra in Tahoe)

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(Photo: Mammoth Mountain)

(Photo: @ GreatWinter2017)

(Photo: Conner Penfold)

While the northeastern United States was shaking, mountains throughout the western United States, including California's Sierra Nevada, saw the first major snowfall of the season.

Ski resorts in the region welcomed the snow, including Mammoth Mountain in California.

The winter weather slowed down travel through the region as some of the mountain pbades became impbadable due to heavy snowfall.


Little Cloud's big debut at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Mbadive snow storm hits in non-seasonal weather

Snowstorm in the Rockies to stop the trip this weekend

SNOW along the I80 west of Truckee, California, with almost a foot of snow just above Soda Springs above 7000 '! The snow and the BIG winds arrive from this night until Friday. AC storm coverage continues in @accuweather @breakingweather #cawx

– Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu) November 22, 2018

Mountain pbad update: SR-4 over Ebbetts Pbad, SR-89 over Monitor Pbad, SR-108 over Sonora Pbad (in Eagle Meadows) and SR-120 over Tioga Pbad (@YosemiteNPS ) are closed due to the weather. There is no estimated time to reopen. Please drive safely and carry the chains as necessary. #TrafficAlert

– District 10 of Caltrans (@ CaltransDist10) November 22, 2018

We are grateful for many things, including our incredible guests, the scenic surroundings and the first snowfall of the season. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

– Lakeside Inn (@lakeside_Tahoe) November 22, 2018

We have a lot to thank for this year. At the top of the list …. SNOW ❄️
Happy thanks to all! ✨️✨#Winter is here @BrightonResort

– SkiCity (@TheSkiCity) November 22, 2018

#Thanksgiving With first snow of the season. #lovesquawvalley

– Bill Rojas (@RojasBill) November 22, 2018

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