The concept envisions the iOS 14 home screen widget on the iPad. [Video]

iOS 14 home screen widgets have proved quite popular, and while they are also available on iPadOS 14, there is a big limitation. On iPad, widgets can only be added to the Today View sidebar, but a new concept imagines what the iPad home screen can change.

While iOS 14 widgets can be added directly to your home screen and can be mixed-and-matched with the app on many pages, which is not the case with iPadOS 14.. On the iPad, the new widget can only be added to today’s view, which appears on the left side of the first home screen.

Matt Berchler’s new concept envisions what “proper widget support” might look like on the iPad. In this scenario, you will be able to add widgets directly to your iPad’s home screen and connect widgets to traditional app icons.

Fun fact, did you know that depending on your iPad size, mode, and orientation, your icons will be 38, 46, 58, 62, 64, 68, 76, 88, 96, 102, 118 or 137 points apart from the UI. The this is true! The idea that the icon grid is fixed in any way and cannot change is not a backup of how the home screen already works. My solution actually reduces the difference in what we have today, somewhat ironically, that the grid is more consistent than it is today.

Here’s a video to see how the iPad home screen widgets can work:

There is clearly a desire for home screen widgets on the iPad, with over 90% of respondents to the 9% 5Mac poll saying that you “absolutely” need to be able to keep iPad widgets to your liking. Perhaps it is coming in future iPadOS updates, such as iPadOS 15, but for now, this is not possible.

Another missing feature on the iPad with iPadOS 14 is the App Library. On the iPhone, the App Library uses all your downloaded applications, which means that you don’t have to put every app on your home screen. Whether or not it arrives on the iPad with future software updates can also be seen.

What do you understand by this concept? Do you need to be able to place iPad widgets on the home screen? Tell us in the comments.

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