The Comey Rule trailer, release date and Trump’s performance revealed

When we last reported The commie ruleUpcoming showtime miniseries based on former FBI director James ComeyThe best-selling book, there was controversy over its release date. Writer / director Billy ray Sent a sentimental email to members of his caste, insisting that the show should air before 2020. Now, it seems as if he has met his wish, The commie rule Now the official pre-election day release date, and the first trailer.

Jeff daniels Stars as Comey, who appears to be an increasingly concerned person of integrity. Brendan Gleeson The president stars as Donald Trump, and while the trailer only gives us glimpses and captures Gleeson’s work, his voice and physical presence feel rightly overbearing. The rest like the star-studded cast Holly hunter, Scooter McNairy, Jonathan Banks, Amy Seimitz, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Brian D’RC James, Tr knight, Joe Lou Truglio, And many more.

Comey Rules-Jeff-Daniels-James-Comey

Image via Showtime

From a purely artistic point of view, I’m not entirely sure that we get the best pieces of political filmmaking when they’re so close to what is actually happening (see: Oliver stoneOf W). In this case, Trump has not even finished his first term, and we are already fictionalizing his first term. How do we know what it means in the broader context, so we know what to say about it? Then again, there is no precedent for Trump’s presidency, and Ray’s immediate active filmmaking motive is both clear and infectious. This trailer gives me shades of the ’90s popcorn-political thriller, and “important things to say quickly” Aaron Sorkin. With all, All President’s Men It was released only two years after President Nixon’s resignation. I see this happening – and I think Ray hopes to have many potential voters as well.

For the first trailer and official synopsis see The commie rule bottom. The miniseries will air on Showtime on September 27 and 28. For more information about Gleeson, here is his recent exciting news Macbeth Customization.

Comey No. 1 is based on the New York Times bestselling book A Higher Loyalty and over an year of additional interviews with a number of leading principals, COMEY RULE is an immersive, back-to-back account of historically turbulent events around 2016 . The presidential election and its aftermath, which divided a nation. COMEY RULE is not a biopic of one man, but instead is the story of two powerful celebrities, Comey and Trump, whose different personalities, morals and loyalty put them on a collision path.

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