The Colts coach tests the mood to lighten the mood during the sad season


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Coach Chuck Pagano played the jokes on Monday.

Hey, nothing more has placated the growing frustration in the Indianapolis Colts complex.

So a day later the Colts squandered their sixth part-time advantage of the season, Pagano entered his scheduled press conference, put on his reading glbades, stepped behind the lectern and went into tongue improvisation mode in check

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"They are all" Pagano said when asked about the weekly collapses of the second half before starting to gesticulate in the air like a meteorologist.

"It's you, it's the fans, they're all driving up there, they're all in the NFL community, there's a storm in the Atlantic, a hurricane you want to call it, when it's going to land. the third quarter, half of the third, has to happen at some point, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy at this moment. "

Pagano had just finished.

Before finishing that answer, he explained how the easters help keep storms at sea and explained that that is what the Colts (3-8) need their last five games.

His warming to the climate badogy was just as entertaining.

Pagano compared this season with "Groundhog Day," the 90s film about a man who had to endure the same day over and over again. In fact, when Pagano began describing Monday's routine, he put himself in the lead role of the film.

"That song played, woke up this morning," Pagano said, remembering one of the scenes in the film. "Sonny and Cher's song, yes,` I Got You Babe, I Got You Babe. "& # 39;

It was a rare opportunity for him to shed his training armor, vent and show his side cheerful.

The stand-up act was not intended to make fun of the Situation of the Colts.

The truth is that nobody within the organization has taken these losses more difficult than Pagano, who admitted that he was really "sick" of his players enduring this type of season.

Indy lost three consecutive home games. for the first time since 2011 and five of six in general. It has allowed four double-digit referrals to escape in the second half, most recently in Sunday's loss to Tennessee. And the players have listened to the growing anguish in Pagano's voice with each successive loss.

Team owner Jim Irsay started the season with playoff aspirations.

In contrast, Andrew Luck has not come down as he continues to recover from the January surgery on his throwing shoulder. One more loss will badure Indianapolis of its first losing season since 2011, the second since 2001 and the first in six seasons under Pagano, and could reach Jacksonville on Sunday (7-4).

Why not try a little comedy? ?

"We are getting into these difficult situations and we are finding unique ways to ruin it again and again," Pagano said.

It's not the first time that Indy fans watch their coach turn in such an action.

Jim Mora delivered his infamous "playoff" diatribe on November 25, 2001. Six weeks later, he was fired.

If Pagano will have the same fate after surviving each of the last two years they can not be determined until January.

For one day, in this grim season, Pagano enjoyed all the good lines for the myriad of questions.

When asked about Tennessee defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, Pagano said: "He's trained longer than I've been alive."

When asked ab dealing with the 47 highest sacks in the league allowed by the Indy offensive line, Pagano began rummaging through his notes before saying: "First-and-eight, second-and-17. I do not have plays, Chud (Rob Chudzinski) does not have plays there if you're looking for the second and 17 calls, there's no second call and there's 17. There's a twist. "

And when asked how much time Rashaan Melvin could lose with his injured right hand, Pagano even questioned himself: "This is not even Wednesday and I'm offering him that he's out." . I'm out of my damn mind. "

But Pagano has existed long enough to know that there is only one thing that will bring lightness to the wardrobe.

" When that happens, we need a storm to blow. "And push it towards the sea, "said Pagano. "And it's going to happen."

NOTES: Pagano was serious about Melvin probably missing the game on Sunday, although he did not give details about the injury. … Security Darius Butler said Melvin also asked him on Monday about how he was playing with a "stick" in his hand. Butler did that part of last season. … Starting center Ryan Kelly remains in the concussion protocol.

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