The closed beta of Mario Kart Tour is live, and it is already a disappointment.

Last month, we learned that Nintendo would offer a closed beta test of Mario Kart Tour to select the users who requested access. Well, it seems that I entered, so now that I had some time to play the beta, I was sharing my impressions for being curious about how their development is shaping up.

First of all, I would like to mention that Nintendo has prohibited the sharing of screenshots and videos during the closed beta test or the Mario Kart Tour, so I will not be able to include any visual content in this article. However, Nintendo did not forbid describing the beta version, so that's what I'm going to do.

There is no doubt about it, Mario Kart Tour is, in fact, a gambling game. There are two types of currency included in the beta version, and, of course, one of them is used to buy loot and resistance boxes. The included resistance system will be much how much you can compete in a session, which is unless you have enough of the secondary currency to use as payment to continue. Oh, and those boxes that I mentioned, well, they are multi-layered, which means that karts, controllers and gliders are unlocked randomly through the gacha system. And if all this was not bad enough, there are rare drivers available that give players an advantage when competing, which means that the game is paid to win. It's funny how the screenshots and the forbidden videos make much more sense in light of these details.

Just a few months ago, there were reports that Nintendo was encouraging its mobile partners to limit the monetization systems that I detailed above, and yet yesterday I reported that Nintendo had recently decided to remove two of its mobile games infested with loot. from Belgium, which made me question the company's real commitment to fairly monetized games. With the release of the closed beta or Mario Kart Tour, it seems clear that Nintendo is perfectly fine with the use of the worst available systems to make quick money. So yes, somehow I doubt that Mario Kart Tour is available in Belgium in the short term.

Now, this does not mean that the game mode is bad, since in fact it is the opposite of the interrelation of daring elements of free-to-play. When you are competing, Mario Kart Tour feels good and also looks great on the move. You will have to play in portrait mode, and the graphics may not be up to the quality of Mario Kart 8, but for a mobile game, they are good enough. The touch with a single finger may take time to get used to, but within the first few races, you should feel confident enough to tackle most of the content. Mainly you will keep your thumb on the screen sliding slowly as if you were controlling a single physical thumb. When you remove your thumb from the screen, you will continue running in a straight line, and if you prefer the turn controls, they are available in the configuration. To advance in the game you will have to unlock stars by completing races. The more stars you win, the more courses you can unlock. It's a pretty basic setup when it comes to the title of Mario Kart, but at least the race feels solid and offers a bit of fun.

More or less I disagree with the closed beta or Mario Kart Tour. The race feels fluid and familiar with the controls of a single portrait finger, and I am even willing to admit that I have been when downloading a track, but seeing that there is a system that will stop my progress if I really want to enter, I do not I'm excited to continue. Also, once you have this problem with the ridiculous loot box system for runners, karts and gliders, the larger image becomes sharper. Mario Kart Tour is a cash robbery that uses game mechanics to keep players hooked, and considering that this is an E-rated game for everyone, I can not say such a product. While this is a closed beta version that could potentially change in the future, comprehensive FTP systems will be eliminated from the game in the short term. I sincerely hope that Nintendo will prove me wrong.

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