The clock advances towards the deadline of Russell Wilson's contract without agreement, yet – ProFootballTalk

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It's 9 at night. in Seattle and there is still nothing to talk about regarding a new contract for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson before the arbitrarily imposed deadline.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the discussions surrounding an agreement they are silent at this point in time Without any indication, the parties are close to an agreement.

However, there may be at least one thing that could be working in favor of a deal being made. A source predicted Mike Florio of PFT that any agreement would likely contain "big numbers"But it would consist of a conventional contract structure. That means that you would not need a new written language to accommodate the value of the agreement that is linked to a percentage of the salary cap or other unprecedented clauses.

Assuming that is the case, then it becomes purely a way of finding numbers on which both parties can agree. While those figures can be quite large, it makes discussions about an agreement potentially more direct.

The deadline may encourage action and the deadline imposed by Wilson is fast approaching.

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