The Cleveland Cavaliers are ‘hoping for the best’ for Kevin Porter Jr., but believe that moving on to ‘need to be’ for the sake of culture

Cleveland, Ohio – The Cleveland Cavaliers have decided to move on from trade swingman Kevin Porter Jr. – a disappointing end to his promising and equally turbulent tenure in Cleveland. This is a call the Cavs did not make in a hurry and is supported by players, many of whom tried to help Porter.

“We get it,” one player told Clivepiece on Monday afternoon. “To maintain our culture it needed to happen. We are getting things going in a positive direction at the moment. “

“It’s tough all around. It is sad, ”said another player. “Nobody likes to see this happen, but there was no other option. Just hope for the best for him. “

Sources say the Cavs are offering the business sector for the first round of 2019 and will continue to explore the market. Sources say Porter would be let off if he did not get a deal soon.

“I think the players will be disappointed because they have a relationship with Kevin, we all do,” said Cavs head coach JB Bixstaff, who would not specifically confirm Porter’s position with the organization, but certainly Indicated on a departure from. “I think the boys are bought into what we are trying to do, and they will continue to show us and give us the effort they are giving us this way.”

The Cavs spent several months helping Porter get his life back – even though a source recently called him an “energy drain”. On Thursday, Porter practiced with the team. The next night, he rejoined teammates on the bench, cheering for him and happily winning against New York in 106–103 during conversations with coaches and players – part of the organization’s reinvestment plan.

Porter seemed to be taking a positive step towards a positive comeback. But his petty outbreak in the locker room after the game, which was the culmination of countless misdeeds including disrespect to team members and staff members, became the tipping point.

Porter was angered and shouted as he entered the locker room, realizing that the team had given away its old locker to new arrival Taurion Prince, which was acquired in a four-team James Harden blockbuster trade last week. A source says that the decision was based on the seniority of the NBA and the vacancy to follow the COVID-19 protocol. General Manager Coby Altman, whose relationship with Porter dates back to when he was a freshman at USC, tried to talk him through the issue. Porter wouldn’t calm down and the verbal exchange between Porter and Altman “was inconvenient for everyone there,” said a source who witnessed it.

After that confrontation, Porter was asked to clean his locker and remove it from the building. He did not practice the next day. The Cavs were closed on Sunday. They returned to the floor on Monday without Porter, who has now been removed from the team’s facility.

“We all want to see Kevin succeed, and I still think so,” Biskstaff said. “So whatever it is that happens for him in the future, I hope nothing but the best for him. And as a coach it is part of our responsibility to give our all to everyone and the best in every situation Try to make. I can say that we did it. “

Bakerstaff said the Cavs had a big day of practice. New arrivals Prince and Jarrett Allen attended for the first time. Darius Garland, Coleen Sexton and Dylan Winder. Bickerstaff did not feel Porter’s status as any kind of distraction or dark cloud. As a team, the Cavs also watched a portion of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, discussing how relative the speech is now.

“We’ll keep building together,” Biskstaff said. “We want him to be the best to move forward. It doesn’t matter that we want the best for Kevin.”

The 20-year-old Porter has yet to play this season due to personal issues and has been disappointed as the team was blocking him. In August 2020, he was accused of punching a woman in the face. In October, Porter posted on her Instagram “Do you ever wish to see the end of your time?” Posted a black square with the message. The incident led to the Cavs officers and teammates making sure that he was well and offering to help. He was involved in a car accident in November. He was arrested and charged with improper handling of a firearms in a motor vehicle, failure to control a vehicle and misconduct of marijuana. All those charges were dismissed.

After averaging 10 points and 3.2 rebounds as a cheater in 23.2 minutes last year, Porter was considered one of the bright spots of this rebuild and a potential franchise cornerstone. The team made an option in Porter’s contract last month and has $ 1.7 million a year on that deal. Now, despite the abundance of talent, his NBA future is in crisis.

“Cruel news,” a rival executive said. “Just hope that the child makes the right decision in his next opportunity or he can’t get another one.”

Cavers took a risk on Porter last June, believing in his talent and the structure he put into place. But issues of maturity, which led to his draft being up overnight, – and it went far beyond a November 15 arrest, a recent shouting match with Altman, and a food-throwing tantrum. He was not able to string together on consecutive good days and continued to sabotage his progress.

Through it all, the Cavs get stuck by him. Altman also called him “a good person”. They never suspended him. They did not fix it. He tried to work with her, investing time, energy, effort and resources. He gave him many opportunities – perhaps more than any other organization – to show that he was emotionally capable of handling everything with being an NBA player and professional. Bisterstaff took a special interest in Porter’s development. But collective fatigue became too much and there was growing concern about a negative effect.

Another player said, “Hopefully he can change things, but he wants to help himself first and foremost.”

Bickerstaff was asked on Monday why it had not worked in Cleveland. He had also thought about his role and whatever it may be, he could have done it differently.

“I really believe that we did our best to make it work,” Bickerstaff said. “I can rest with him.”

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