The Chiefs-Patriots play out after Newton is positive for COVID-19

The NFL postponed this week’s game between the New England and Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs after “positive COVID-19 tests on both teams”. The Patriots starting quarterback Cam Newton and chief practice squadback Jordan Tamu were released on Saturday afternoon on the NFL’s COVID-19 reserve list.

The NFL said on Saturday that the game, originally scheduled for 4:25 EDT on Sunday, would be played on Monday or Tuesday, a move that would only be possible if there was no widespread spread of the disease on the rosters.

Newton has started all three games for New England. Tamu has not appeared in a game, but would have spent time in meetings with Super Bowl MVP Pat Mahomes and other QBs on the team.

Newton’s agent did not immediately respond to a message from the Associated Press.

This is the second game of the weekend to be influenced by COVID-19. After the outbreak on the Titans, the matchup between Pittsburgh and Tennessee was postponed – originally for a day or two, and then as positive tests accumulated until October 25.

To fit in, the Steelers’ game against Baltimore was pushed back on November 1 that day.

The Patriots were planning to go to Kansas City on Saturday afternoon. Instead, the players left the facility to wait for further instructions. The team said in a statement that the COVID positive player had entered self-quarantine and had contact with the players, coaches and staff who were tested on Saturday morning and were all negative.

While unavailable with Newton when he quarantines, Brian Hoyer is expected to start in his place. He has been Newton’s backup in each of the Patriots’ last three games.

How long is Newton to be sidelined.

According to NFL guidelines, for players who test positive and are showing at least 10 days of symptoms when the symptoms first occur and must pass between 72 hours, when the symptoms occurred. In this scenario a player would be likely to play at least two games.

But if a player tests positive and is asymptomatic, he can return 10 days after the initial positive test or only five days if he has two consecutive negative tests.

Earlier this week, the Patriots’ defensive back Devin McCorty said the league had grown over-confident after making it to the training camp and the first two weeks of the season without a major outbreak.

“But at the end of the day, we are in an epidemic,” he said. “So what happened in Tennessee, though it shocks us, is not really surprising. I think we all knew at some point that we could get some positive tests.

“So it’s like, ‘We got it,” he said. “I think it’s a bit shocking, but it’s also a wakeup call, like ‘Hey, the virus is still here and it will affect any and all. It’s not that we’re trying to play football Huh. ”

If the game is played on Tuesday night, it puts the chiefs in an important bond. They are scheduled to play the Las Vegas Raiders next Sunday, then will have a Thursday night matchup in Buffalo four days later. This means that defending Super Bowl champions can face the possibility of playing three games in just nine days.

It is also possible that the NFL has rescheduled the Bills-Chiefs game, giving Kansas City a bit of relief.

“I honestly feel that an organization has done a very good job. This is holding each other accountable, ”leading quarterback Patrick Mahomes said this week of the team’s effort to keep players healthy. “I mean, this is something that can happen to anyone. You are not looking at anyone to see what is happening, but it has been a way in the world until 2020.”

Mahomes praised head coach Rick Burkholder, who was instrumental in helping the NFL develop its testing and protocol before the start of training camp, creating an environment where players, coaches and staff felt safe.

“Rick and his staff and the entire organization have done a great job of keeping us socially away from which we wear masks – even when people try to slip away and don’t wear them, make sure They are wearing masks and we hold each other accountable, Mahomes said. “Then you accept what happens. I’m just going to make sure that we keep emphasizing it. Make sure we Wear our masks, keep distance socially and try to dress ourselves so that we do not harm anyone or ourselves. ”


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