The Chicago Cubs beat the New York Mets in extra despite the 24 strikeouts

NEW YORK – The irony for the Chicago Cubs is that even though they have been reducing their games of strikeouts on the plate, they occasionally enter one that makes the history books. It happened again on Saturday, in his 7-1 and 14 innings victory against the New York Mets.

According to the ESPN Stats & Information investigation, the 24 picks of the Cubs' Major League season were the second to get a win for any team since the mounds moved to their current distance in 1893. According to Elias, The Cubs are the third team since that same year to have multiple games of 20 strikeouts in the same season, as they also struck out 20 times on March 30 against the Miami Marlins.

Mets starter Jacob deGrom racked up most of the whiffs on Saturday, with 13 in his seven innings of work.

Albert Almora Jr. of Chicago could have struck out three times in the night, but he managed a double of two runs at the 14th inning to break a 1-1 draw. AP Photo / Julie Jacobson

"It was amazing", Albert Almora Jr. said after the game of 4 hours and 53 minutes. "It's been a while since I faced a pitcher like that, everything was moving away from my barrel, its fastball had a bit of life, its slider was clear, and it sent me one of the most unpleasant changes I've seen." . 19659002] Almora struck out three times, but was the hero, as he connected a two-run double to center right at the 14th inning to break a 1-1 draw. The Cubs scored six runs in total in the 14th, tied for fourth in that inning in the past 30 seasons. It was all part of a crazy night in which the teams combined for a total of 39 strikeouts in 2018, but the Cubs also had 17 hits.

For the Cubs, Mike Montgomery threw six two-hitter innings, and reliever Luke Farrell pitched five innings in relief when the game became extras.

"I am much more astute and happier at the moment because we won," manager Joe Maddon said. "If we had not won that game with all those opportunities, it would have been difficult … We just have to move the ball, we started chasing again tonight."

Maddon asked reporters if someone had crossed out so much in a win, forgetting that the New York Yankees (19459018) beat the Cubs last season when both teams struck out more than 20 times. Part of the reason why the Cubs were stuck in a race for so long is that they struck out five times with the bases loaded alone.

"When you get guys like this [deGrom] the secret for me is when you get a chance to score with one out, move baseball," Maddon said before the game.

The plan failed miserably against DeGrom, but the Cubs remained there, winning the first three games of the series while accumulating 45 hits. Even with all those oscillations, it worked.

"We played defensively and made some great plays again," said Maddon. "Big at-bats, they got people out there [on the bases] they saw a lot of pitches, they did all the right things, but then the man comes in scoring position, we have to find out, I'm not the only one Many managers say the same thing." [19659012]

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