The chestnut gymnast breaks both legs: Samantha Cerio, star gymnast of the university, suffers from leg injuries during the routine of the floor and then retires from the sport.

A high-level gymnast at Auburn University seemed to break both legs during the routine of her flat over the weekend. Samantha Cerio was competing in the NCAA regional gym final in Baton Rouge before her horrific injury, which left the audience members in shock.

Cerio, who won all SEC honors in 2017 and 2018, was in the first step of his routine on the floor Friday when he had the devastating fall. The video of the injury shows that he landed awkwardly on his legs after jumping through the air. The medical staff and coaches treated her for almost ten minutes before they finally dispatched her from the floor. The crowd gave him a standing ovation when he left.

Ranked 13th in the nation, Auburn recovered from Cerio on Friday and advanced to the championship round after finishing with a score of 197,075, second behind host LSU. The team, however, was eliminated the next day.

"She is the heart and soul of the team," coach Jeff Graba said of Cerio. "This is what he has poured into the team for four years."

A team spokesman could not comment on Cerio's injury, but told CBS News he will undergo surgery on Monday.

Cerio, who specializes in engineering, announced in an Instagram post on Sunday that he will quit the sport after nearly two decades. She also thanked him followers on Twitter for supporting her.

"After 18 years, I hung up my hands and left the chalk behind, I could not be more proud of the person in which the gymnastics has turned me," he wrote. "It may not have finished as planned, but nothing goes as planned."

"I really appreciate all the support and prayers I've received, I'm fine right now and I'm resting a lot!"

The following video shows Sam Cerio's injury. The footage can be graphic for some.

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